Pug(Turban) represents honour, self-respect, courage, spirituality, and piety of anyone who wears it.

Pugfone are uniquely designed headphones that are super
comfortable & are perfect for wearing under the Pugg(Turbans).


Here are a few features that make this product irresistible

No impact on shape of pug

With Pugfone’s sleek and slim design you can be assured shape of your Pug will not change at all, unlike earphones which create a bulge around ears.

Say Goodbye to ear pain from headphones

You can wear the Pugfone for however long, it will not hurt your ears at all, unlike any other headphones in the market.

Soft and Comfortable

Pugfone uses very durable and soft fabric to maximize the comfort surround your ears

Easy to align over your ears

Suitable for heads of all shapes

Do not fall out easily

Suits active and office lifestyle

Unique design of Pugfone allows to be aware of the surroundings while enjoying the sound of music

Studio quality sound

Pugfone brings state of the art sound quality without being bulky. Music has a very unique surround sound effect

Works with almost everything

Your device may have old style output or new, Pugfone will work with it

Includes volume control, play/pause, microphone, call/drop functionality included

Non intrusive design & Soft natural comfort

Lightweight & breathable

How to use

Pugfone easily slides right under the pug on top of your ears. It doesn’t leave a bulge, and allows you to keep enjoying the phones for a long time without hurting your ears. Pugfone comes with a hi-fidelity Microphone, volume control, Play/Pause, Call pickup/hangup buttons which makes it really easy to drive, walk, run, work and enjoy with 24x7. The following pictures can be helpful.

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pugfone, then please contact us here pugfone@gmail.com

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